Între 3 și 5 noiembrie a.c., a avut la București conferința internațională „Conservatism – The Right Alternative. Towards Security, Prosperity and Peace of European Nations”, organizată de European Conservatives and Reformists (grup din Parlamentul UEuropean). Cu această ocazie, am prezentat o comunicare în limba engleză intitulată „The Case for coherence: Conservatism between consensus and confusion”. 

În continuare redau câteva fragmente:

In the past years I’ve took my stand against the malversations of our time, especially regarding the marketplace of ideas. I think most of us agree that ideas have consequences and false ideas are less troubling than treacherous ones. While the former are easier to repel with stiff foresight and page after page of classic readings, the latter appeal to our worst side, to the diabolic imagination „which delights in the perverse and subhuman”, as Russell Kirk would describe it. (mai mult…)